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Units of Competence
Code Title Type Hours
CPCCLRG3001A Licence to perform rigging basic level Elective 0

Basic rigging competencies can provide a full time career in many industries such as Civil construction, Coal mining, Drilling and metaliferous mining.

General Duties: Your duties may include erection of structural steel, assembling large components on machinery, washeries and power houses, erecting of construction equipment such as personnel hoists, placement of pre-cast concrete, construction of safety nets and permanent safety lines.

Payment Plans
Payment Description Payment Up Front
Full course price is $1550. Payment of $1500 required at booking, remainder to be paid upon course start. 1500.00 Yes

5 Days (4 days training & 1 day assessment)

Delivery Mode


Entry Requirements

Minimum 18 years of age, physically fit, ability to speak, read & write English.

A pre-requisite for Basic Rigging is the Dogging competency which will have equipped you with the knowledge to learn these new skills.
Note: To participate in this course, all participants MUST bring either Dogging Statement of Attainment or High Risk Work Licence to training.

Please note: This course may require participants to operate heavy equipment for the practical components of Training & Assessments. To ensure a high level of safety during the course, participants may be subjected to random Drug & Alcohol testing. Your acceptance of this is confirmed upon registering as a participant of this course.

Assessment Requirements

100 points of ID (see downloads below)

Materials or Equipment Required

- Learning materials are provided.
- Please bring enclosed footwear, 100 points of ID, hard hat (if owned), weather suitable clothing and Lunch.
- Tea & Coffee Provided.


From 1st January 2015 each student that will be commencing nationally recognised training in Australia is required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) to be able to obtain their certificate or qualification from their registered training organisation.
Students are encouraged to create a USI prior to attending any training. To create a USI please head to the following website: https://www.usi.gov.au/

Downloads Learner Handbook
ID requirements- Evidence of Identity
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