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Course Details

FORKLIFT07 Dec 2021 to 09 Dec 2021 49 Leewood Drive, ORANGE2 Apply
Forklift08 Dec 2021 to 10 Dec 2021 15-17 Industrial Avenue MUDGEE0 Full
FORKLIFT04 Jan 2022 to 06 Jan 2022 49 Leewood Drive, ORANGE7 Apply
FORKLIFT11 Jan 2022 to 13 Jan 2022 49 Leewood Drive, ORANGE8 Apply
Forklift02 Feb 2022 to 04 Feb 2022 15-17 Industrial Avenue, MUDGEE8 Apply
FORKLIFT08 Feb 2022 to 10 Feb 2022 49 Leewood Drive, ORANGE7 Apply
Forklift09 Feb 2022 to 11 Feb 2022 15-17 Industrial Avenue, MUDGEE8 Apply
Forklift23 Mar 2022 to 25 Mar 2022 15-17 Industrial Avenue, MUDGEE8 Apply
Forklift11 Apr 2022 to 13 Apr 2022 15-17 Industrial Avenue, MUDGEE8 Apply
Forklift04 May 2022 to 06 May 2022 15-17 Industrial Avenue, MUDGEE8 Apply
Forklift30 May 2022 to 01 Jun 2022 15-17 Industrial Avenue, MUDGEE8 Apply
Forklift29 Jun 2022 to 01 Jul 2022 15-17 Industrial Avenue, MUDGEE8 Apply
Units of Competence
Code Title Hours
TLILIC0003 Licence to operate a forklift truck 0

The forklift is one of the more valuable competencies to possess. This competency covers forklifts from basic right up to container forks.

Due to the multitude of forklifts in industry they are often disregarded and viewed as a machine that can be operated by a novice with no or limited experience. When moving on to various other equipment recognised prior learning can aid in shortening the theory component of subsequent courses.
Nothing could be further from the truth with forklifts accounting for a vast majority of injuries and fatalities in the work place. On investigation a lot of these incidents could have been avoided by operators with more knowledge of the technical expertise required. These may include the balance triangle and safe working loads of forklifts and their attachments.

Payment Plans
Payment Description Payment Up Front
Course Price 650.00 Yes

3 Days (2 days training & 1 day assessment)

Delivery Mode


Entry Requirements

Minimum 18 years of age, physically fit, ability to speak, read & write English.
Please note: This course may require participants to operate heavy equipment for the practical components of Training & Assessments. To ensure a high level of safety during the course, participants may be subjected to random Drug & Alcohol testing. Your acceptance of this is confirmed upon registering as a participant of this course.

Assessment Requirements

100 points of ID (see downloads below)

Materials or Equipment Required

- Learning materials are provided.
- Please bring enclosed footwear, 100 points of ID, hard hat (if owned), weather suitable clothing and Lunch.
- Tea & Coffee Provided.


From 1st January 2015 each student that will be commencing nationally recognised training in Australia is required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) to be able to obtain their certificate or qualification from their registered training organisation.
Students are encouraged to create a USI prior to attending any training. To create a USI please head to the following website:

Course details

Please download the Course Brochure from the link in the downloads section below.

Downloads Learner Handbook
Course Brochure
ID requirements- Evidence of Identity
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