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Crane competencies cover all aspects of crane operation and are rated by crane size. This can range from vehicle loading cranes through to open cranes weighing hundreds of tonnes.


Although various state inspectorates require training on specific crane competencies with no pre requisite which we cater for, our company's preference is for personnel to follow a ladder of skills learning, starting from say a dogging competency and moving through applicable crane levels right up to open crane. This is with the exception of C6 (60 Tonne Crane), where participants who are enrolled in this course are now required to hold a current High Risk Work Licence for Dogging or a Statement of Attaniment in the unit CPCCLDG3001A. Your Dogging ticket or SOA will need to be provided to us.

Theory lessons are kept to a minimum with practical learning structured to equip the trainee with a minimum of basic hands on skills when leaving the course.

Wherever possible the training will reflect the tasks that may be undertaken in the trainees' own industries.

The trainee will benefit from our trainers working across many industries in a number of states and countries. These experiences will be passed onto the trainees to provide them with a more holistic view on crane operation.

Integral Skills offers training in:

  • C6 (60 tonne crane)- TLILIC0013 Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 60 tonnes)
  • C2 (20 tonne crane)- TLILIC3008 Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 20 tonnes)
  • CV (vehicle loading crane)- TLILIC0012 Licence to operate a vehicle loading crane (capacity 10 metre tonne & above)
  • CN (non slewing mobile crane)- TLILIC3006 Licence to operate a non slewing mobile crane 
  • RIIHAN305D - Operate Gantry or Overhead Crane
Unit / Code TLILIC0013, TLILIC3008, TLILIC0012, TLILIC3006, RIIHAN305D
Course Title All aspects of crane operation
Pricing C2 $1750 - C6 $1750 - CN $1550 - CV/HYAB $1550 - Gantry/Overhead $300
Duration C2, C6, CV & CN- 5 Days (4 days training & 1 day assessment ) Training days 8am to 4pm & Assessment day 7am start (Times are approximate, you will be notified of any changes) ; Vehicle Loading Crane Awareness & Overhead Gantry- 1/2 Day

RTO Statement of Attainment & National High Risk Work License upon successful completion

This training and assessment is conducted under a Registered Partnership Arrangement with Registered Training Organisation Hunter Plant Operator Training School. RTO ID: 90352, McFarlane Street Cessnock, Phone: 1800640580. Where applicable for HRW courses, this award is issued under a partnership arrangement with Registered Training Organisation Hunter Plant Operator Training School. Work Cover approval No. 800 180. 

What to Bring

Enclosed Footwear, 100 points of ID, Weather suitable clothing, Lunch & Smoko. Tea & Coffee Provided.

C6 participants- Dogging High Risk Work Licence or Statement of Attainment

Download evidence of identity

Entry Requirements
  • C6 pre requisite- Dogging High Risk Work Licence or Statement of Attainment
  • Minimum 18 years of age, Physically fit, ability to speak, read & write English
  • Please note: This course may require particpants to operate heavy equipment for the practical components of Training & Assessments. To ensure a high level of safety during the course, participants may be subjected to random Drug & Alcohol testing. Your acceptance of this is confirmed upon registering as a participant of this course.

From 1st January 2015 each student that will be commencing nationally recognised training in Australia is required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) to be able to obtain their certificate or qualification from their registered training organisation.

Students are encouraged to create a USI prior to attending any training. To create a USI please head to the following website:

Before Booking any course with us, please download and read our Enrolment Conditions

Enrolment Conditions

Extra Course Information

Further information from the Department of Education regarding Crane courses can be obtained below

C2 Course Information

C6 Course Information

CN Course Information

CV Course Information

Gantry & Overhead Crane Course Information

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