A dogman will know how to use various types of ropes slings and chains; they will be able to calculate the safe working load of any rope sling or chain to be used for lifting.  Assess the load to be lifted. Safely sling loads of different weights and dimensions direct a crane or hoist operator in the movement of a load when the load is out of the operators view and give the hand signals and whistle signals used for directing Cranes.


General Duties:

  • Load assessment
  • Sling load
  • Sling techniques
  • Sling inspections
  • Communications by hand or whistle
  • Understand crane characteristics and capacities


  • Introduction and Legislation
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Code of practice
  • Load calculations
  • Use and application of fibre ropes, chains, synthetic lings and lifting gear
  • Requirements for certification under the National Standard Slinging and lifting practices


  • Workplace hazards and appropriate hazard control
  • Mass and dimensions of different loads to be lifted
  • Communication with the crane operator
  • Plan a lift in conjunction with the crane operator and supervisor
  • Inspections of all lifting equipment before and after use
  • Slinging techniques
  • Correct methods for the slinging of load for different mass and shapes
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