This qualification is a Mining Safety and Health Advisory Council requirement for people who are elected as a Site, Safety and Health Representative or hold a position of ‘supervisor’ on a mine site, as defined by their relevant legislation. Therefore, a work place may make an undertaking to have persons in other positions undertake this training too.


Elements and Performance Criteria:

  • Plan and prepare for risk management
  • Assess and identify unacceptable risk
  • Review risk management documentation
  • Identify and recommend controls
  • Contribute to the implementation of controls


  • WHS legislation and regulations
  • Appropriate resources and infrastructure context and language
  • Topics or subject areas which are target for assessment and treatment
  • Site risk management systems and their application
  • Conventions and requirements for written communications including report writing
  • Problem solving techniques


  • Obtains and applies relevant documentation, policies and procedures
  • Implements the requirements, procedures and techniques for the safe, effective and efficient completion of risk management processes
  • Works effectively with others to undertake and complete the application of risk management processes that meets all the required outcomes
  • Demonstrates completion of the application of risk management processes that safely, effectively and efficiently meets all of the required outcomes
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