Integral Skills offers Tagging of all Height Safety & Lifting Equipment. Our qualified inspectors will inspect & Tag the equipment with the current colour coded tag, then place each item on a tagging register. The tagging register is provided to our client as a part of our service, and provides information including the equipment description, serial number and if the item has passed inspection for further use.

When tagging, Visual Inspections are carried out in accordance with:
AS 3775-2004 Chain Slings
AS 1666-2009 Wire Rope Slings
AS 1353.2-1997 Flat Synthetic -Webbing Slings
AS 4497.2-1997 Round slings- Synthetic Fibre
AS/NZS 1891.4-2009 Industrial Fall Arrest System & Devices

All equipment that is deemed incompetent for further use can be replaced by Integral Skills. We are a distributor for SpanSet Height safety, lifting, load control & safety management Products and Beaver fall prevention, rescue, lifting & rigging products and transportation equipment and fittings. Our equipment can also be purchased online soon via our websites online shop available from May 2016.


When clients require Tagging, we are are commonly asked two main Questions.

Q: What qualifications are needed to tag height safety and lifting equipment?

A: Periodical inspections are to be performed by a competent person: “A person who has, through a combination of training, qualification and experience, acquired knowledge and skills enabling that person to perform correctly a specified task” (AS/ NZS 1891.4).

At Integral Skills we have developed our own minimum skillset for inspectors which includes the follow Nationally Recognised training:

  • Working at Heights
  • Basic Scaffolding
  • Dogging
  • Basic Rigging
  • Competent Person Practical Inspection & Record Keeping


Q: How often should height safety and lifting equipment be tagged/ inspected?

A: AS/NZS 1891.4 suggests equipment is inspected 6 monthly, however if conditions or environments are particularly harsh or damaging the periodical inspections timeframe may have to be brought forward to a predetermined time frame depending on the rate of deterioration or damage that is occurring to the equipment.

Given the industry we work in, it is quite common to tag equipment quarterly using the ‘RUGBY’ system:

Red: Jan- March


Green: April- June

Blue: July- September

Yellow: Oct- December

All equipment is tagged with the correct colour for the quarter, added to a register and signed by a competent inspector.


If you have any other questions, give our friendly team a call! 02 63 622 502

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